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The opening of the headquarters of the North American branch in New York City.

The action took place in New York.

One happy and sunny spring day, in the style of Russian cuisine, Russian themes, and traditions, a new, restored bfg | fashion group office opened its doors.

As you already understood, 2020 has become a landmark and very important in the formation of the company. The next serious and joyful step was the opening of our headquarters in the USA. Working hard and thinking over the further future development of the company pushed us to go to another continent, in search of premises and people for cooperation.

Entering the American market is perhaps the most unexpected and bold event that could happen to us this year. Having prepared everything necessary, namely, the premises, the organization of repair work, the search for employees, contractors and a plan for the future, we opened the doors tremendously, giving a breath of fresh air to our American partners and ourselves.

Creative minds of our company organized a large-scale party in the Russian style. As expected, all those present fell in love with Russian cuisine, themes, and traditions.

By the way, reaching a new level for us in New York is an initiative that portends the incredible future of bfg | fashion group.

We hope that we will systematically expand beyond all existing and possible limits.

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