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Opening of production in Turkey.

Expanding own borders is always development and the path to something new. In our case, the next serious and important step in development was the opening of the production in Turkey (Adana).

In order to satisfy the high demand for our company's products in other markets, we have decided to immediately expand outside of Russia.

We carefully adjust production processes, hire employees, conduct training within the company and strengthen the image by doing important things, like investing in developing the quality of raw materials and creating, one way or another, new jobs.

The new production will allow us to reach a new, more significant level and reach the audience of other countries.

We plan to expand the range of products, but we will definitely continue to produce women's things and accessories, relying on the quality and uniqueness of our products. The main goal for the nearest future is to justify the trust of foreign citizens. For Russian production, we previously purchased fabrics on the Turkish market, which in the current situation will continue to be implemented without no obstacles on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We have opened a high-quality production space, equipped with the latest modern technologies, which will allow us to produce even better clothes to satisfy our customers. Logistics and technology, in fact, are the key components in the development of a giant in the industry. By combining all our efforts, we will provide customers with an unrivaled product!

We want all potential customers to purchase our products, wherever they are!

These are ambitious plans and an application for a global presence!

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