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Opening of bfg | fashion group flagship store in Moscow

This year we have compiled an extensive archive of events based on the successful and sustainable development of the company.

In 2019, in New York, we not only did a great job to lay the "foundation" of the future bfg | fashion group, but a few steps have been taken to strengthen their position in the homeland.

In 2020, a grand and long-awaited event for our group of companies took place.

The whole family, its supporters, admirers, customers, and relatives came together to congratulate and celebrate the opening of the flagship store in the very heart of Moscow.

We decided that the flagship store will fit perfectly where the main Head office of the company is located and where it is possible to watch how the creative process of geniuses is going on.

This global project promises us the discovery of new opportunities and attracting customers. After repair work has been finished, the opening took place in an already completely renovated interior.

A variety of textures, mesmerizing panoramic windows around the perimeter, hanging systems that have exceptional outfits, milky 3-meter curtains neatly hanging to the floor, a staircase that leads to the Personal Shopping Lounge - a space of thoughts, creativity, comfort and inspiration, that leads you to the world of luxury and Haute couture outfits. Mirror walls, marble slabs, a sparkling mirror bar, free cocktails, and snacks, dancing visitors dressed in absolute total black, illusionist, hot dogs and cotton candy reminding us of …American style. That was exactly what was intended

We conducted the opening of the Head office in New York, the opening of the Head office and flagship store in Moscow, creating the opposite atmosphere in each country.

The idea of the evening met all expectations, and the guests were satisfied. Shyness gave way to the joy of brand gifts and dancing, champagne and magic tricks, and the most important thing for all of us was the feeling of being at home.

We have kept traditions and high-quality service, hospitality and beauty of every detail.

An important event that presents us and the secrets of craftsmanship, our values based on the goal of “being closer to what is valued the most - to our customers!”

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