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A month ago, we all did not suspect that everything would turn out in such a way.

Today, a quarter of the world's population is quarantined.

This process has changed our lifestyle in a short time: we stopped leaving the house unnecessarily, switched to a remote business and order everything we need online.

The situation faced by the world and each of us is changing everything, including the fashion industry. Numerous brands are forced to close their stores, to stop production and to lose revenue. Fashion shows, in which we used to get inspiration and new trends every season, were also jeopardized. In times of crisis, we must think about a radical restart, about the health of others and the power that drives us.

Despite all the losses that the industry is undergoing, many brands and companies show sensuality and generosity, worrying not only about profit, but about also trying to help to overcome the coronavirus epidemic in every possible way.

Our company had the duty to review its past strategies and plans, starting to produce essential goods, which, one way or another, were in short supply at the time.

We put all our strength and resources into the production of barrier facemasks, diversifying the design with various creative solutions, with encouraging phrases. Reusable designer facemasks in different colors - literally scattered around the cities, justifying our vision for their need.

We consciously came to the aid of orphanages and boarding houses for the elderly, who are at the maximum risk zone in the difficult times for us, which is pandemics.

We hope that a bright, healthy and happy future awaits us.

In the meantime, we can all influence the distribution of COVID19, so we ask you to stay home!


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